ANPR’s Ranger Rendezvous 44 Has Been Cancelled

October 11-17, 2021

Rangering in the New Reality

Updates from ANPR

At an emergency meeting of the ANPR Board of Directors on August 8, the decision was made to cancel this year’s Rendezvous in Jacksonville. Two specific reasons were cited:

  • Florida and Duval County (Jacksonville) are seeing record cases of COVID-19 and its Delta variant. Florida leadership seems to be making little effort in the way of mitigation measures to reduce this threat.
  • A memorandum was distributed by the Acting Director of the National Park Service on July 30, banning all employee travel to conferences, meetings and training sessions until further notice.

These circumstances and associated media reports have resulted in lower-than-normal pre-registrations and exhibit registrations for the Rendezvous. More and more members are contacting us about their reluctance to travel. Many of the presenters we planned on having during our program were NPS employees and the travel ban would leave our program seriously deficient. Overcoming these challenges for potential attendees to make plans would be unlikely in time for us to avoid a significant loss of revenue.

Alternatives Being Considered

The Rendezvous Management Team and the BOD are considering alternatives to the face-to-face meeting. Among other possibilities, we will conduct an ANPR membership meeting (required annually by our by-laws). This meeting will be conducted via Zoom on October 16, 2021. Please put this date on your calendar. Nominations to the BOD and other member business will be conducted during this meeting. An agenda will be prepared and distributed ahead of time.

We are considering additional alternative ways to meet with members and present information that would have been part of the program for RR44. As decisions are made, updates will be provided to you.

RR45 (Tucson) Not Affected

Please begin now to plan to attend next year's Rendezvous in Tucson, AZ. The dates are October 25-30, 2022. Put those dates on your calendar. The RR Management Team will immediately begin work to make this the best RR ever.

Super Raffle Not Affected

Although we had intended to have the super raffle drawing at the RR in Jacksonville, it is not a RR activity, so will be unaffected by the cancellation. We will still have the drawing on October 16 and will notify the winners immediately thereafter. For those of you who had intended to attend the RR and now won't have that expense, please support the super raffle. There are some great prizes. You can go to: to view the prizes and purchase your tickets. Please forward this link to your friends and family - you can ask them to enter your name as the "seller" so that you get credit. Remember also, there will be a $500 gift card prize with Amazon for the most donations for tickets by an individual, and a $100 gift card prize with Amazon for the person who donates for the ticket drawn for the "Grand Prize," so if you've already purchased some tickets, purchase even more.