ANPR shares free video and curriculum to help kids who get lost outdoors

March 8, 2023

CONTACT: Rick Mossman, ANPR president,

Many families travel to national parks, forests or other outdoor areas to find wildlife, history, and scenery. One thing most visitors don’t prepare for is needing to be “found” themselves. In order to prepare children for visits to parks and similar environments, the Association of National Park Rangers is sharing a completely remastered and free video to help parents, teachers, scoutmasters, and other leaders teach children what to do if they get separated from others exploring the out-of-doors.

 “If kids unexpectedly get separated from others outside, we want them to know what to do,” Rick Mossman, Association of National Park Rangers president said. “This content is based on input from park rangers and other experts in search and rescue, and it gives parents, teachers, and kids the tools they need to explore nature in the wild with peace of mind.”


This kind of content is especially relevant for:


The curriculum materials are available on ANPR’s website, and anyone can download them for free. ANPR encourages parents, educators, and other leaders to use the video or the powerpoint and presentation notes before trips into nature’s wonders. Using this content will empower kids and adults so that everyone knows what to do if they get separated.


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