Examining the Impacts of USA Hire

The Association of National Park Rangers (ANPR) is committed to promoting an equitable and transparent federal hiring process. In recent weeks, ANPR has become aware of concerns over the rollout of USA Hire, a supplementary assessment designed to "measure general competencies and soft skills critical to the job".

We need your assistance to ensure we are informed on this topic.

If you are a hiring official or job seeker, your feedback on our brief survey would be invaluable in helping us address these concerns. Please select one of buttons below to anonymously share your story.

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What Can You Do?

In light of the many concerns regarding the USA Hire being used by DOI/NPS in filling jobs, ANPR is providing guidance for those who would like to write their Congressional representatives about this issue. While this is an administrative issue, Congress has oversight responsibilities for policies and programs that impact their constituents. They want to hear from you, they need to hear from you; it’s their job.

Your Congressional representative or Senator can easily be contacted via their websites, or by calling their District or Washington, D.C. offices. They will be especially interested in how an issue has impacted you and why this is important to you. Relaying your personal experience is powerful and should be stated in your comments; make it your own. Be concise and be polite.

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USA Hire Resources

Procedures for Assessment Accommodations

Reasonable Accommodations Request Form

USA Hire Sample Questions

Association Actions

On February 17, 2021, ANPR sent the following letter of preliminary concerns to Shannon Estenoz, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary - Fish and Wildlife and Parks

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