COVID-19 Got You Down?

ANPR to give free memberships to National Park Service employees displaced by COVID-19

Through the generous support of an anonymous donor, the Association of National Park Rangers (ANPR) is offering free annual membership to every National Park Service (NPS) employee who had a job offer delayed or withdrawn due to COVID-19.

“ANPR knows COVID-19 has caused big changes for everyone who works for the National Park Service, and we have been disappointed to learn that some of those changes have included delaying or cancelling job offers to many employees,” said President Paul Anderson. “These changes create uncertainty for hardworking NPS staff and limit parks’ ability to provide essential services to visitors.”

ANPR knows visitors count on NPS staff to orient them at visitor centers and fee booths, enforce the rules that keep park resources safe, clean and repair park facilities, provide interpretive programs, and complete scientific research that helps the NPS protect parks.

All NPS employees and especially seasonals count on work in parks not only as a means of support but also to develop the skills and professional relationships that enhance their service in the National Park System.

If you are a displaced NPS employee:

ANPR knows it is hard to be separated from the parks we love and the work you were counting on. The NPS seasonal and permanent staff parks hire today will be the service's backbone tomorrow. We want to support you in this difficult time, and we are here to help.

Fill out our form, and you will be entitled to all the benefits of an annual membership in our organization.

ANPR always has and always will support those who pursue ranger careers, and we’re proud to have you join us.