May 1 deadline approaching for World Ranger Congress scholarship

Description of scholarship and expectations:

Every three years the International Ranger Federation sponsors a gathering of rangers from around the world, called a World Ranger Congress. A “ranger” is defined as anyone who works in a protected area or protects wildlife or cultural resources. The goal of these gatherings is to meet like-minded protected area professionals and share ideas, training, successes, and responses to challenges. Parks all over the world have more in common than one might think, and ranger work has commonalities all around the world. The Congress is a working meeting – delegates from each of the member ranger associations (about 70) identify priorities for activities that will support the work of rangers around the world and they provide direction for the IRF for the next three or four years in the form of a “Declaration” named after the location of the WRC.

 For the last several congresses, ANPR has provided scholarships to members who want to expand their activities to the international arena and would not otherwise have the financial resources to attend. This year, scholarships are anticipated to be about $2,500 and will cover the costs of Congress registration, lodging, transportation, meals, and some incidental expenses.

 Following the Congress, scholarship recipients will be expected to report back to ANPR about their experiences. This can be in the form of an article for Ranger magazine, a presentation at a Ranger Rendezvous, a substantial social media post (YouTube video?), or similar. Scholarship recipients are also expected to be involved in the work of ANPR in the near future. This could be by helping to organize a Ranger Rendezvous, running for a position on the board of ANPR, or serving on a committee.

 Please submit an application that contains the following information. Applications are due no later than May 1. Submit to ANPR’s International Liaison Meg Weesner by email to Selections will be made by May 15.

Application for 10th World Ranger Congress Scholarship


Phone number

Email address

Mailing address

Briefly describe your background with the National Park Service – what parks, what types of jobs, special skills and activities.

Briefly describe your background with the Association of National Park Rangers – how long, what activities, etc.

Why are you interested in attending the 10th World Ranger Congress in Hyeres, France?

How will attending this congress contribute to your work with the National Park Service and your future activities with the Association of National Park Rangers. How might you promote the work of rangers around the world?

Please read and sign agreement:

If selected, I agree to attend the World Ranger Congress and participate in its activities as a delegate representing the US Association of National Park Rangers. On returning, I will share my experiences with members of ANPR and I will also involve myself in the activities of ANPR in the near future.


Signature (can be typed)