IRF survey seeks ranger input from around the world

The International Ranger Foundation has extended its data collection period for the STATE OF THE RANGER REPORT, its first global report on the ranger profession worldwide. Despite the good response rate for the online survey, the IRF wants to be ambitious and reach a much wider audience in order to have a robust report to be able to influence decision-makers and get support to the profession.
This report will be presented at our 10th IRF World Ranger Congress in October 2024, in France. The primary goal of this report is to raise awareness of the pivotal role that rangers play as essential planetary service providers in the current biodiversity and climate crisis and to secure the much-needed support they deserve. Your participation is essential. The IRF thanks everyone who has participated already and kindly encourages the ones that have not to please do so! The survey hopes to capture employer and ranger perspectives to balance out the report. Thus, it has designed two different surveys for each key stakeholder.

Ranger survey*: Click here  
If you have responded the survey already, you donĀ“t have to respond it again.
* Rangers: person responsible for safeguarding nature, and cultural and historical heritage, and protecting the rights and well-being of present and future generations. As representatives of their authority, organization, or community, they work, often for extended periods, in protected and conserved areas and wider land and seascapes, whether state, regional, communal, Indigenous or private, in line with legal and institutional frameworks.
 Employer survey**: Click here  
One reply per organization office only, ideally from the human resources department.
**Employer: refers to any of the following where the rangers work at: Government, NGO, community authority, private, other Individuals or a group of individuals that play a critical role in conservation.

 Surveys will take approximately 15-30 minutes. The report will offer valuable insights into crucial aspects related to rangers. As the intention is to publish it periodically, this report will evolve into a global monitoring framework covering areas such as training, social safeguards skills, welfare conditions, ranger capacity and inclusivity within the workforce. Significantly, the framework itself has been developed under the guidance of the International Labour Organization.
 For more information about this research, please read the support documents here and/or visit the IRF website here