ANPR spring fundraiser is underway


ANPR's annual spring fundraising drive is April 1 through May 31, and we would love your support!

In 2023, 17 percent of ANPR’s members provided a total of 102 donations; coming from 74 entities, of which 28 parties donated more than once for a total of $23,382. Lifetime and gift memberships are included in those figures, along with new funds established to support rehabilitation of the Museum of the National Park Ranger, and our Natural Disaster Relief Fund, for ANPR members displaced by natural disaster. Donations ranged from $1 to $5,000, with six entities donating $1,000 or more.

The bulk of these donations came during ANPR’s spring fundraising drive, and a large portion of these donations were made to ANPR’s unrestricted account, which the board is so very grateful for as it provides the greatest flexibility in how the money is spent.

This year’s focus on fundraising is on the Ranger Museum Fund, as we work with Yellowstone and other supporting contributors to raise the funds to revitalize this important structure. The goal is to raise $200,000 by the end of 2025.

This also is a World Ranger Congress year, which means support of the Rick Smith Honorary International Ranger Fund will be appreciated. This fund will support rangers to attend the World Ranger Congress in Hyères, France, Oct. 7-11, 2024. Closer to home, the Supernaugh scholarship brings attendees to the Ranger Rendezvous, Nov. 5-9, 2024, in Rapid City, S.D. ANPR would very much like to support Supernaugh scholarship-eligible members to attend their first WRC, yet still have sufficient funds for Supernaugh scholarships for the Ranger Rendezvous as well. The Rick Smith Fund is targeted to provide support for primarily rangers from South America and Puerto Rico.

Here is a more detailed list of each of ANPR’s designated  funds — we appreciate your generosity and support in 2024.

General Fund: This unrestricted fund helps with ANPR’s daily operating costs, which include production of Ranger magazine, accounting of designated funds, and organization of the annual Ranger Rendezvous.

Restricted donations

NPS Ranger Museum Fund: The focus of this year’s fundraising efforts, this fund will help rehabilitate the Museum of the National Park Ranger in Yellowstone National Park. Money raised will help clean exhibits in the museum and add new multimedia to its extensive library.

Supernaugh Fund: This fund provides support for our Supernaugh Scholars, awarded each year to aspiring rangers who will attend their first Ranger Rendezvous. The fund is named in honor of Bill Supernaugh, a longtime ANPR supporter.

Harry Yount Fund: This fund supports the Harry Yount Lifetime Achievement Award, which is administered by ANPR and the pinnacle of achievement in NPS service. Funds collected are used in the production of the bronze bust awarded to recipients, and also cover travel costs associated to attend the awards ceremony.

Rick Gale Fund: This fund provides money to carry out ANPR’s oral history interviews in cooperation with the NPS Division of History.   

BOD Member Support Fund: This fund helps support travel costs for board members to attend the annual BOD meeting at the annual Ranger Rendezvous in support of ANPR’s goals.

International Ranger Fund: Now called the Rick Smith Honorary International Fund, it provides money to fund scholarships (from the U.S. and Latin America) to the World Ranger Congresses. This year is a World Ranger Congress year, so donations are appreciated.

Natural Disaster Relief Fund: Any ANPR member in good standing is eligible to apply for and receive aid to help in the recovery following a natural disaster that has directly impacted their life. This fund is an ANPR member benefit, and the amount of aid will be based on the needs of the individual.

Please click here to donate. ANPR appreciates your support!