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Your donation to the Association of National Park Rangers publishes Ranger magazine, offers career mentorship, and supports Park Rangers around the world. Park Rangers will benefit from a donation of any size.

Here are the ways you can help: 

General Fund: This fund helps with ANPR’s daily operating costs, which include production of Ranger magazine, accounting of designated funds, and organization of the annual Ranger Rendezvous.

Supernaugh Fund: This fund provides support for our Supernaugh Scholars, awarded each year to aspiring rangers who will attend their first Ranger Rendezvous. The fund is named in honor of Bill Supernaugh, a longtime ANPR supporter.

Harry Yount Fund: This fund supports the Harry Yount Lifetime Achievement Award, which is administered by ANPR and the pinnacle of achievement in NPS service. Funds collected are used in the production of the bronze bust awarded to recipients, and also cover travel costs associated to attend the awards ceremony.

Rick Gale Fund: This fund provides money to carry out ANPR’s oral history interviews in cooperation with the NPR Division of History.   

BOD Member Support Fund: This fund helps support travel costs for board members traveling to the annual Ranger Rendezvous in support of ANPR’s goals.

NPS Ranger Museum Fund: This fund was established to help rehabilitate the Museum of the Ranger in Yellowstone National Park.

International Ranger Fund: Now called the Rick Smith Honorary International Fund, it provides money to fund scholarships (from the U.S. and Latin America) to the World Ranger Congresses.

Natural Disaster Relief Fund: Any ANPR member in good standing is eligible to apply for and receive aid to help in the recovery following a natural disaster that has directly impacted their life. This fund is an ANPR member benefit, and the amount of aid will be based on the needs of the individual.




General Operations Donations

By making an unrestricted donation you help to fund the Association's core projects such as the continued publication of Ranger Magazine, the mentorship program, and more.


Bill Supernaugh Memorial Scholarship Fund

Named in honor of Bill Supernaugh, this fund provides assistance to early career employees, students, future Rangers, and ANPR supporters wishing to attend first Ranger Rendezvous. Since its inception in 2008, individuals have attended Ranger Rendezvous with the support of Supernaugh scholarship funds.


Harry Yount Award Fund

Provides coverage of expenses related to ANPR’s actions to administer and honor recipients of the Harry Yount Lifetime Achievement Award for “rangering” in the National Park Service.


Rick Gale Memorial Scholarship Fund

Provides funding for NPS oral history interviews and transcribing.


Rick Smith Honorary International Fund

Provides scholarships for US and Latin American rangers to attend the World Ranger Congress and provides contributions to the families of Latin American rangers killed in the line of duty.


Life Century Level Increases

Life members who contribute $125 to ANPR will be recognized as a Second Century Club member; each additional $250 donation will increase your life level by one century; money donated to this fund will go into ANPR's investment account.


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Donations to the Life Century Fund are placed in a long term investment account separate from general operating funds.

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Your donation will be used to further the work of the Association to improve programs including our Mentoring Program and Ranger Magainze!


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The Association of National Park Rangers is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions to the Association of National Park Rangers are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

ANPR's tax identification number is 58-1494811.