About ANPR

MISSION: ANPR is an organization created to communicate for, about and with National Park Service employees of all disciplines; Gates of the Arcticto promote and enhance the professions, spirit and mission of National Park Service employees; to support management and the perpetuation of the National Park Service and the National Park System; and to provide a forum for professional enrichment.

VISION: ANPR is the premier professional force working for comprehensive protective stewardship of the national parks.

VALUES: ANPR is dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of a vital National Park System and a vibrant National Park Service. The excellence that we promote is rooted in the values that we as an organization embody. These values are:

Loyalty. We do not waver in our loyalty to our mission and to the long-term mission of the National Park Service. In fact, we believe that they are interrelated and interdependent. Any and all members of ANPR who embrace this loyalty - regardless of their job classifications or areas of work - are deemed to be "Rangers at Heart."

Excellence in Professional Stewardship. We believe that the American public and the National Park System deserve the highest, most enlightened level of care and service and that it should be primarily provided by highly skilled, dedicated employee stewards.

Honest Communication. We believe that honest and forthright communication of issues, needs and information about our national parks is essential. This requires a perspective that transcends simple political agendas and overly politicized and unscientific policies.

Collegial Care. As members of a professional family with shared dedication and values, we seek to continually support and care for each other in times of great risk and every day.

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